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The Top Reasons to Consider Pairing a Midwife with an Obstetrician for Delivery

The idea of a midwife may at first seem outdated, but using the services of both a midwife and your obstetrician can benefit your health and the health of your baby.

The experienced staff at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group offers state-of-the-art pregnancy and delivery services, with midwifery specialists on staff to help you through every stage. The role of a midwife is to monitor the health of you and your baby, providing advice and support to ensure a safe, healthy delivery.

The on-staff midwives are certified and have the knowledge and skills to address a variety of pregnancy-related issues, including:

Your midwife is also dedicated to ensuring your psychological health and overall well-being through you experience.

Top reasons to select midwife services

The benefits of using modern midwifery services are extensive. Some of the biggest reasons to have a midwife work with you, alongside your doctor, include:

Satisfaction with care

Your midwife is dedicated to the highest-quality care. They make themselves available to you when you have questions, doubts, or concerns about your pregnancy or your emotional or mental health. Your visits with your midwife are likely to be longer and more in-depth than your usual obstetrician appointment.

Your midwife’s support also lets you focus more on the natural experience of pregnancy and childbirth, rather than just the medical aspect of the situation. Midwife services can empower you to enjoy the process as it happens naturally, while still ensuring medical services are at the ready when you need them.

Options for childbirth

Using a midwife gives you more options for childbirth. While your midwife can assist with labor and delivery in conjunction with your obstetrician in the hospital, they can also help you coordinate a safe home birth.

Lower risk of preterm birth

The attention you receive from your midwife has been shown to have significant benefits relating to the birth of your child.

Midwifery is beneficial for helping moms-to-be reach full-term, reducing the risk for preterm births, cesarean sections (C-sections), and fewer medical interventions, such as vacuum-assisted births.

Positive breastfeeding experience

As a new mom, your midwife will be on hand to assist with your initial breastfeeding attempts, giving you and your baby a positive start to the experience.

Soon after birth, your midwife can help you and your baby find a level of comfort for successful breastfeeding and ensure your baby is getting sufficient nutrition. If there are issues with your ability to breastfeed, your midwife can recommend resources to help you succeed.

Retain access to medical intervention

You get all of these benefits and the added assurance that your obstetrician can step in for medical emergencies when needed. Your midwife is skilled at identifying issues that require your doctor’s attention to protect you and your baby’s health.

Whether you’re expecting your first child or are pregnant with your fourth, it’s never too late to benefit from the expertise of a qualified midwife. Schedule a consultation today, online or by phone, and learn more about other benefits of midwifery services.

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