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Hysterectomy Specialist

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Hysterectomy is just behind cesarean sections as the most frequently performed surgical procedure in the United States. If you need a hysterectomy to resolve abnormal bleeding, cancer, or chronic pain, trust the team of expert physicians at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group in Park Slope, Bay Ridge, and Staten Island, New York. Call one of the offices or book an appointment online to learn about minimally invasive hysterectomy techniques for faster recovery and successful outcomes.

Hysterectomy Q & A

Why would I need a hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy to remove your uterus may be recommended when you have a problem with your reproductive organs. The surgery is usually only explored as a treatment option when less invasive measures have failed to resolve your pelvic health issues. Medical problems that may lead to a hysterectomy include:

  • Endometriosis (growth of uterine lining tissue outside of your womb)
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Uterine prolapse (dropping of the pelvic organ)
  • Uterine fibroids that are large or cause symptoms
  • Adenomyosis (a thickening of the uterus)
  • Serious complications during childbirth, such as uterine rupture

A hysterectomy is usually the first course of treatment for women who have cancer of the uterus, ovaries, or cervix.

What are the types of hysterectomy?

The doctors offer different types of hysterectomies. The type you undergo depends on the reason you’re having the surgery and these include:

  • Supracervical, in which the cervix is left in place but the upper part of the uterus is removed
  • Total hysterectomy, in which the entire uterus and cervix are removed
  • Radical hysterectomy, in which the whole uterus, surrounding tissue, cervix, and top of the vagina are removed

A radical hysterectomy is usually performed when cancer is the diagnosis.

How is a hysterectomy performed?

The OB/GYN surgeons at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group perform minimally invasive hysterectomies using laparoscopic technique and the da VinciⓇ Surgical System. These involve using tiny incisions through your abdomen or vagina and the insertion of a small camera to project images on a video screen inside the operating room. To perform the surgery, the doctors use very small, robotic instruments which are operated from a console located in the operating room.

What are the advantages of da Vinci surgery for a hysterectomy?

Your surgeon from The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group is in control of your minimally invasive da Vinci hysterectomy at all times. The technology offers a variety of benefits to your outcome. These include:

  • Enhanced vision, precision, and control on the part of the doctor
  • Fewer complications and a shorter hospital stay
  • Less blood loss and scarring

The minimally invasive, robotic technique offers the same relief as traditional open surgery with a faster recovery time.

To learn more about minimally invasive techniques for hysterectomy, call one of the offices or book an appointment using the online tool.