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How to Manage Stress During Your High-Risk Pregnancy

Learning you have a high-risk pregnancy can be unsettling. However, with the guidance and support of the OB/GYN specialists at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group, you can see your way to a safe and healthy labor and delivery.

The skilled OB/GYNs offer high-risk pregnancy services that focus on the overall health and wellness of you and your baby by addressing your unique pregnancy needs.

What a high-risk pregnancy means for you

A pregnancy is considered high-risk if there are underlying circumstances that pose a risk to your health as a mom or to the growth and development of your baby. These circumstances may include existing health conditions, advanced maternal age, or the gestation of multiple babies, such as twins or triplets.

Your pregnancy may also be considered high-risk if you experienced complications with a previous pregnancy or delivery.

A high-risk pregnancy isn’t necessarily something to fear, but rather a situation that needs specialized care and attention. The team at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group offers such care to reduce your risk for premature birth and complications during delivery.

They provide resources to help you enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy and address environmental factors, such as stress, which can contribute to pregnancy complications.

How to manage stress and your high-risk pregnancy

The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group providers offer comprehensive prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies that focus on reducing complications.

In addition to providing routine monitoring of you and your baby’s health through prenatal visits, they work closely with you on necessary lifestyle modifications that keep you healthy and happy.

Learning how to reduce stress is not only essential during your pregnancy but also for your general health and wellness. The providers may recommend stress reduction techniques, such as the following:

Daily exercise

Throughout your pregnancy, you should get sufficient exercise to stay fit and prepare your body for labor and delivery. Engaging in a 30 minute walk each day is a great way to stay active without overdoing it.

Walking is a natural stress reducer, and regular walks can boost your energy levels, improve your blood circulation, and improve your mental clarity.

Consider prenatal yoga

Yoga is also a great way to keep fit and relaxed throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga can help keep you centered and relaxed, so you can stay in control of your stress.

The breathing techniques used in yoga can also be a valuable tool for reducing stress, lowering your blood pressure, and keeping you healthy.

Balance your responsibilities

Life involves a lot of responsibilities, especially as you prepare for a new baby. However, your pregnancy is a great time to find more balance in your life.

Focus on reducing your workload as much as possible and take the opportunity for more self-care. Your primary responsibility now is to protect the health of you and your baby, so rest as much as possible and try to delegate whatever else needs to be done to friends and family.

For comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care, rely on the experts at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group. Schedule a prenatal appointment by booking an appointment online or over the phone today.

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