Pregnant During the Summer? Here are a Few Tips to Get You Through

New York summers can be brutal, especially if you’re far along in your pregnancy. At The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group, our physicians understand the toll summer heat and humidity can have on you when you’re carrying a baby.

We not only help ensure your pregnancy is safe and healthy during routine visits, but we also offer you resources to help you cope with the summer heat. Here are some tips to help you stay cool this summer.

Your hormones make you hotter

If you suddenly find the summer heat utterly intolerable while you’re pregnant, it’s not your imagination. During pregnancy, your body produces extra progesterone, which can increase your temperature.

Since pregnancy can make you prone to overheating in hot weather, it’s important that you stay cool as much as possible. In general, you should spend more time in the air conditioning and out of direct sunlight. There are also other things you can do, such as the following:

Stay on top of hydration

One way to prevent overheating during a summer pregnancy is to drink plenty of water. If you’re being active in the heat, you should also drink low-sugar fluids that contain electrolytes to replenish what you lose when sweating.  

Don’t ignore a good diet

When you’re hot, it’s common for your appetite to decrease. To support a healthy pregnancy, it’s important that you still get enough protein and the proper nutrition every day.

If you’re not feeling hungry, we can recommend protein choices, such as smoothies and yogurts, to make eating more tolerable in the heat.

Go layered and loose

Breathable, loose clothing is important during the hot summer months to prevent overheating. Wear a hat to keep the sun off your face.

If you’re out and about, wear light layers, so that you can transition from the hot outdoors to cooler indoor environments.

Wear sunscreen

In addition to wearing summer-smart clothing, you also need to wear sunscreen. Apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen to your face and body before going outside.

You also need to reapply sunscreen several times throughout the day, especially if you’re keeping cool in the pool or sweating a lot.

Exercise wisely

Exercise is important throughout pregnancy to keep your weight in check and your body healthy. When it’s very hot outside, especially during the peak afternoon hours (11am-3pm), stay in the shade or the air conditioning.

Plan to take a walk or do other exercises in the early morning before it gets hot or after sunset when the air cools down.

Keep up with routine doctor appointments

Self-care during a summer pregnancy is vital for your health and the health of your new baby. You also need to keep up with all of your prenatal visits, even when it becomes more difficult to leave home.

Our obstetricians provide comprehensive prenatal care at The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group and can make sure you’re thriving through each stage of your pregnancy.

If you’re struggling with the summer heat, we can evaluate your needs and ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition, sufficient exercise, and doing all you can to thrive. We also continue to monitor your baby’s growth and development with the advanced technologies available at our offices.

To schedule your prenatal visit, book an appointment online or over the phone with The Guirguis Obstetrics & Gynecology Group today.

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